June 18, 2016

Playing with Color Round Two

We had another wonderful Playing with Color class which I got to teach downstairs in the Art Center instead of up in the studio this time.

Only 4 people could make it this time, all with a little experience painting in one form or another.

We really have fun in these classes and I always get inspired by the work my students do!

Although we ran a little long this time, everyone had a great time loosening up and letting their creativity shine through.

I love how each painting turns out so different and unique for everyone after starting with the same basic concept and steps.
Thank you, Ladies, for such a wonderful afternoon! 

April 30, 2016

Day 29 Collage and Day 30 Bird

Day 29 and 30 combined.
Collage and Bird.

Running short on time, so I took the collage I managed to get done yesterday and added the birds for today.

What a great month of faces it's been. I loved the challenge of working with the daily prompts!